Compaq Deskpro 386

Looking for good photo (original version which looked like the ibm XT)

Intel 80386 16MHz (later called the 386DX)
Type of BUS
16-bit ISA
Memory (Min/Max)
Announce date
September 1986
List price

System settings

SW1 on mainboard (up = on     down = off)

Factory setting. Don't change this
NPU Disabled
NPU Enabled
16MB Cacheable memory
12MB Cacheable memory
System speed auto ab boot
System speed high
Another Factory set switch. Don't change.
Color monitor (CGA or better)
MDA - Monochrome monitor


256k system ram
512k system ram
640k system ram

The memory board will auto detect it's ram.





Here is a photo of my system. The previous owner found it necessary to label the drives by letter and capacity.
Once you get the cover off the first thing your eye is drawn to the that HUGE power supply. The fan is just massive and moves a lot of air.
This is the only remaining original option card in the system. It controls the ide hard drive and the floppy drives. It also has one serial and one parallel port.
This is a 4mb ram card. It has 4mb onboard and another 4mb on the daughter card on the left. This is a much better version of the memory card as lower end version only had 1mb of ram and limited expansion to 13MB(over this cards 16MB capacity).
This card is not original to the system but was a common item in office computers of the early 90's. It's an ibm token ring adapter. Token ring is a form of networking that allowed only one system to talk on the network at one time.
Also not original to the system is this cirrus logic video card from 1992. With 1mb onboard ram it's not that bad.