Compaq Portable 2


Processor Intel 80286 8MHz
Type of BUS 16-bit ISA
Memory (Min/Max) ?/? (this one has 2Mb)
Display CGA
Announce date February 1986
List price $3,879

For systems with a 5 1/4 drive (makes two 360k disk) For systems with a 3 1/2 drive (makes one 720k disk)



This was compaq's Third portable system. The name suggests it's the second but two versions of the original portable exist. This system is shown running dos 6.X with Qbasic currently running. Sadly I can't get a hard disk to work in it so I'm forced to boot from a disk.
Here is the system folded up ready for transport. Visible here is the stand. The stand also acts as storage for the floppy cable.
Here we have the left side of the system. Nothing real big here.
Now for the right side. This site has the expansion slots. For a portable system is amazing it has 4 expansion slots.
Here is the system with the shell removed. Even with it gove the system is still well covered. It takes some work to open these systems.
Here is the Monitor and powersupply section. Their is no reason to remove the panel. I'm doing it just for the photo. Even when turned off their is enough current left here to kill if your not careful.
Here is the expansion bay. Nothing to odd here. Only the first 2 card can be full length. After that they must be 1/2 length. Full height cards can be used with no problem.
Here we have the original video card. Upgrading is nearly impossible as the internal monitor connects via a proprietary port near the end of the card.
The last expansion card is the original i/o card. It accepts a standard ide drive so newer drives can be used. That said I have yet to get a standard drive to work in this system.
here we see the 5-1/2 drive open. This is one of the strangest drives I have seen.