Compaq Portable 386


Intel 80386 DX
Type of BUS
16-bit ISA (via an external box)
Memory (Min/Max)
Announce date
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Here is my compaq portable 386. It's a bit dirty and is missing one foot on the keyboard but still works great.
Here is the system fully open and ready for use. It was brought in from a cold garage so I did not risk turning it on.
Here is the mainboard with all the shielding in place. The solid chunk of metal in the lower left is for adding a modem and/or extra ram. The processor is in the upper right corner of the system.
here is the mainboard with everything removed. As you can see the cpu has been upgraded to a 486 class. I did this because I used this computer to convert my vinyl albums to mp3'. The 486 processor cut processing time nearly in 1/2. dead center on the board is the ram. As you can see it's not standard ram so if you system has empty slots they will likely remain empty unless you get a junk system to part out.
Here we have a special bus extender. It allows a modem and extra ram to be added to the portable 386 only (will not work in the portable 286 as it's a 16-bit system and this is a 32-bit device)
This is the modem in my compaq. I believe it to be a 2400baud but I have never used it.
Here we have a ram stack. I'm not 100% sure on how much is here but believe it's 8mb as the system has 12mb if I remember correctly.