Compaq Portable


Processor Intel 8088 4.77MHz
Type of BUS 8-bit ISA
Memory (Min/Max) 128k/256k (640k with expansion cards)
Display 9" monochrome CGA
Announce date November 1982
List price $2995(128k ram / 1X 360k drive) $3590(128k ram / 2X 360k drive)


For systems with a 5 1/4 drive (makes two 360k disk) For systems with a 3 1/2 drive (makes one 720k disk)




(picture soon)
Here is the front of the system. My system has an internal drive so only one floppy is installed but most will have 2 floppy drives installed. The display is nice and sharp. I only wish it came in amber instead of green.
Not much to see in the back. To remove the mainboard you have to remove the brighter steel piece on the right then you can just pull it out from the top. Probably the first pc to come close to having a motherboard tray.
From the top we can see the mainboard. Visible dead center is the ram. The one and only switch block is on the left side (nice bright blue/white). Most portables will have 2 floppy drive in the drive cage but my system was upgraded sometime in 1985/86(by the dates on the card) so I have a 10mb hard disk. It's not much space but more than enough to boot dos and a few apps.
Here is the brains of the system. I was amazed at how small this board is. the cpu is the large chip on the right side with the white compaq sticker on it. The npu socket it below that.
Here we have the mfm card. Capable of controlling 2 mfm drives. This is not a compaq part but they were common upgrades.
This is nice to see, and original card. It's the vdu card (or video card as they are commonly called). As with all compaq portables upgrading this card is nearly impossible. First off the monitor connects via a strange connection on the left side of the card. Secondly the display can't handel anything more than cga.
Lastly we have the floppy controller. Like the last card this one is original to the system (can be told by the white compaq sticker). Also has a lpt port for printers.