Panasonic Sr-partner

Sorry no jumper info. If you have the original documents please e-mail me or post in the forum. Credit will be given.


Here is my Sr-partner. Compared to the compaq portable this is one ugly duckling. Although the case in nearly all metal outside of the front and back covers. The keyboard is all plastic and feels rather cheap compared to just about any system made during this time.
The screen is a standard green monochrome type typical of portable computers of the mid 80's. Shown booting ms-dos 6.20 off a 360k disk. As my system has no hard disk I must run off floppies.
Here we are with the cover off. Again notice how almost everything is metal. Clearly it was built to last.
Inside we find the one and only card in the system, A memory expansion card. If I remember this system has 256k so I suspect the system has 128k base and 128k on this card.
The floppy drives are secured from the top only. Once you get the top plate off just slide the drives back then pull up.